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Elon Musk Takes Over Twitter: Becomes the Most Followed Account

Elon Musk Takes Over Twitter: Becomes the Most Followed Account

Elon Musk has overtaken Barack Obama’s 133 million followers to become the most-followed account on Twitter by a margin of around 40,000.

  • On Thursday, Elon Musk surpassed Barack Obama to become the most followed account on Twitter.
  • Just five months after purchasing the social media platform, Musk’s account has amassed over 133 million followers.
  • According to Platformer, the Twitter CEO shared a total of 72 tweets on Monday, and his tweets receive a boost from Twitter engineers.

After purchasing the social media company for $44 billion, Musk’s reign over Twitter has been marked by numerous controversial changes. His rise to the top of Twitter’s follower count comes just five months after the acquisition. However, Musk’s achievement coincides with Twitter’s decision to remove blue checkmarks for “legacy verified” accounts in two days’ time. 

These accounts were previously verified to differentiate them from fake profiles, rather than being subscribed to Musk’s Twitter Blue service.

SocialBlade, a website that tracks followers, reports that Musk experienced the largest surge in followers in April last year, which was also the month he made his initial offer to buy Twitter. During this month, his followers increased by 9.7 million. The month following his acquisition of the company, his followers rose by 6.9 million.

As per The Verge, the Twitter CEO was the sixth user to surpass the 100 million follower milestone in June of last year.

According to SocialBlade, Obama has only tweeted 24 times in the last month, while the Twitter CEO has an average of 26 tweets per day, including a total of 72 tweets on Monday alone.

In February, Musk terminated the employment of a Twitter engineer who had suggested that his tweets were losing popularity due to a decline in the public interest, as reported by Platformer.

Platformer recently disclosed that Musk requested his engineers to explore fresh methods to promote his tweets after President Joe Biden’s Super Bowl post received more likes than his own tweet. As per the report, Musk accused a “disgruntled employee” of leaking this information and attributed the discrepancy to a technical glitch.

However, according to another recent report by Platformer, the Twitter CEO is one of the 35 VIP users whose views are secretly elevated. Other prominent names on this list include LeBron James, Ben Shapiro, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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