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Franchy Cordero Joins Yankees, Brings Left-Handed Power to Lineup

Franchy Cordero Joins Yankees

By acquiring first baseman Franchy Cordero, the New York Yankees have made a major winter move. Cordero has made the opposite move in the AL East battle, switching from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees. Many New York Yankees fans are optimistic that this signing will pay off by making Cordero an asset to the club.

Exactly who is this mysterious Franchy Cordero?

Originally from the Dominican Republic, 26-year-old Franchy Cordero has been playing in the top leagues since 2017. He debuted for the Padres in 2019, but the Royals acquired him in 2020. In 2021, the Royals dealt him to the Red Sox.

Cordero has a reputation as a power hitter who regularly contributes to his team’s home run total. However, he has had trouble staying healthy, so his playing time has been restricted. Cordero has hit 25 home runs in his career and has a.234 batting average over 549 at-bats.

To what end did the Yankees acquire him?

Since moving Greg Bird in 2019, the Yankees have been without a left-handed hitter at first base. Luke Voit has been starting at first base, but his injury problems have caused inconsistency there. The Yankees can finally get the power-hitting they’ve been missing thanks to Cordero.

Both Brett Gardner and Aaron Hicks are over the age of 30 and showing their age in the Yankees’ center. The Yankees’ lineup is more adaptable now that Cordero has outfield expertise. He’s a versatile player who can play first base, left field, and center field if called upon.

To what do the Yankees owe Cordero?

Cordero’s speed is his greatest asset. He has the power to smash a home run in any at-bat, giving the Yankees’ lineup some much-needed oomph. He can also get around the bases quickly, which is useful.

The strength of Cordero’s case remains unclear. He has spent the majority of his tenure in the outfield but has also spent time at first base. Although he will spend most of his time at first base, the Yankees can always switch him to the outfield if necessary.

A high strikeout rate is Cordero’s primary flaw. It’s concerning that he’s struck out in nearly 40% of his career plate opportunities. With better bat discipline and fewer strikeouts, the Yankees believe Cordero will become a more complete hitter.

The Yankees’ starting order must be changed, but how?

Cordero’s arrival provides the Yankees with some much-needed left-handed power hitting. At first base, he’ll presumably platoon with Luke Voit, with Voit getting the nod against right-handed pitchers and Cordero getting the nod against lefties. Cordero’s flexibility in the Yankees’ lineup comes from his ability to play both infield and outfield.

The Yankees already have a deep roster with power hitters like Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and DJ LeMahieu. The addition of Cordero, a risky hitter, only strengthens an already potent Yankees lineup.


The Yankees’ acquisition of Franchy Cordero was a good decision because he fills a void in their batting order. The Yankees gain some valuable versatility with Cordero on the roster thanks to his strength and versatility.

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