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Medium launches Mastodon community embraces decentralized social web as a Twitter alternative

Medium launches Mastodon community embraces decentralized social web as a Twitter alternative

Flipboard, the magazine app, is expanding its support for the federated social web by integrating Mastodon into its Android application.

This move was announced during the FediForum, an online event focused on discussions related to the challenges facing the fediverse. Flipboard’s CEO, Mike McCue, showcased the app’s new Mastodon integration during the event.

Last month, Flipboard announced its plans to join the Fediverse, integrate with Mastodon, launch its own Mastodon instance called Flipboard. social, and later add support for ActivityPub. Since the announcement, around 500 active members have joined Flipboard’s Mastodon community to participate in the decentralized social platform.

With the new Mastodon integration, Flipboard users can browse a feed of short updates, reply to, like and boost posts, and click on hashtags to follow discussions. The integration aims to address a potential hole in Flipboard’s server when Twitter API access stops working.

The concern is heightened under Musk’s Twitter management, which has suddenly revoked API access from several apps without prior notice and recently changed the pricing.

Initially, Flipboard’s Mastodon integration was only available on iOS, but it is now also available on Android. Users can find the feature by navigating to the accounts section and logging in with their Mastodon credentials for the instance they are on. If users do not have a Mastodon account, they can request access to join Flipboard’s own server from there.

Flipboard has expanded its Mastodon integration by allowing users to follow other people, hashtags, or feeds directly from the app. Additionally, Mastodon posts will now appear in the “For You” feed, and users can access their Mastodon bookmarks and @mentions within Flipboard. These features enhance the Mastodon experience within the app and make it a more significant part of the Flipboard experience.

Furthermore, Flipboard is committed to the federated social web and is actively participating in conversations about the future of decentralization.

During the FediForum event, Flipboard’s CEO, Mike McCue, spoke about the company’s integration with Mastodon and how the ActivityPub protocol can lead to more connected services and expansion of the fediverse. Other companies, such as Medium, Tumblr, Flickr, and Automattic, have also shown interest in Fediverse integrations, with Medium launching its own Mastodon community for its authors.

Flipboard’s Mastodon integration is not as robust as some other clients, but it is enough for more casual users. As more apps and platforms embrace federated social networks like Mastodon, the ecosystem will increasingly become a viable alternative to today’s “walled garden” social media networks.

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