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Timeshare Freedom Group – Are They Worthy to Hire?

Timeshare Freedom Group

Hiring a timeshare company is not an easy task. Having the right one on your side can help you save yourself from a lot of unwanted hassles. On the flip side, choosing the wrong one can dramatically worsen the situation. In short, you simply can’t make your decision blindly. 

One of the noted companies is the Timeshare Freedom Group. They have been in the limelight for decades for both positive and negative concerns. 

Here, in this post, we’d want to inform you of “how Timeshare Freedom Group commits to its working culture”, “complaints on Timeshare Freedom” and “How people have provided their reviews.” 

Let’s dive into it! 

About Timeshare Freedom Group  

Labeled as the best Timeshare exit company, Freedom Group is a timeshare exit company that states it will assist customers with timeshare mortgages and maintenance cancellations. Since 2010, the group has operated from its headquarters in Laguna Hills, CA. 

With a strong organizational structure, they have fifteen physical locations where you may receive one-on-one assistance in Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, California, Texas, Florida, New York, Arizona, Oregon, and Illinois. 

Timeshare Freedom Group Provides:

  • Attorneys as Needed
  • Live Chat on the Website
  • International Timeshare Exits

Complaints on Timeshare Freedom  

At Lawsuit’s Perspective  

In many cases, this can be the main point of consideration when the Timeshare Freedom Group is found to be a timeshare company by the plaintiff.  

As it is found, on September 23, 2020, Jordan Salkin, the company’s owner, was registered as a defendant in a lawsuit by Diamond Resorts. 

The Diamond Resorts lawsuit claims that Jordan Salkin shared the upfront payments obtained from some timeshare owners with his legal advisor, Michael A. Molfetta, after referring them to him. 

Considering Suspicious and Negative Reviews

When we referred to Trustpilot to look up evaluations of the Timeshare Freedom Group, we discovered something odd: TFG has paid for the premium capabilities of Trustpilot so they may invite individuals and ask them to leave reviews for them. 

And what was surprising here is that we came across a cluster of 5-star reviews on the same day and consciously invited them along with the company’s same-day replies, which may cast doubt on the company’s reliability. 

Unreliable with Refunds 

According to the Timeshare Freedom Group, it is stated in their policies that a 100% money-back guarantee will be provided after a period of 24 months (about 2 years) if they fail to exit a timeshare. 

However, we found that the company has proven fraudulent in its statements. And many customers complain about that; they have insisted on extending the money-back guarantee period to 30 months (about 2 and a half years). 

Well, on a serious discussion point, the organization does not follow an escrow policy, with which the timeshare exit firm won’t receive the upfront amount until the timeshare is canceled, which can be alarming for your advance payments. 

Not BBB Accreditation 

Another point of concern is that the Timeshare Freedom Group is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). And BBB’s page has a 2-star rating for the Timeshare Freedom Group, and they claim to have it in place for three years, which is not consistent with the information on their Facebook page and website.  

Final Thoughts  

We advise researching a variety of timeshare exit choices after discovering the timeshare freedom issues. Considering the numerous frauds they committed, we have fallen into doubt regarding the Timeshare Freedom Group. In light of this, we suggest that any timeshare owner relies on the company from a financial standpoint. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that the company won’t run out of services while your money is in its possession.

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